This book has been written in a way that you begin to discover yourself in a different way perhaps than before. It is an interactive book. You read a little and live a little. A multimedia book, designed to entice all the senses, unique in its conception.

You will discover music, nature, love and lightness in this work.

The Happy Planet: Recipes for Life is a cookbook filled with some Vegan and Vegetarian recipes and a lot of recipes for Life. It is a unique take on food, life, family, friends, work and self-care. The Happy Planet is all about loving self and being flexible and free with yourself.

As in Life, so in the kitchen: Freedom, Love, Peace, Joy and Discovery rule. Discover many interesting recipes and many interesting Life recipes. Enjoy the inspirational quotes. It is a relaxed read, dip in and out. A book not only to be read, but to be experienced.